Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MOTD & my new babies

Im gonna try to post everyday even if its a tiny update in between long posts,
 just so you guys dont get bored :/

                                                        ^^makeup today, a smoky lilac eye ;}

What I bought the other day .....


You can get your own at Forever21 or here online<3

ciao bellas!

Monday, June 13, 2011

☆geo cafe mimi cappuccino brown☆

YAYYYYY for new lenses!!!!!!!!!!!
I got these from pinkyparadise.com along with Diamond Lash in glamorous eye

Anyways..... onto the review

As you can see from above the design is one tone and inspired by the swirls a barista puts on top of your coffee drink. The color is a nice chocolate color that will easily blend with any shade of brown.

You can hardly notice them even in flash photos! I love them. So natural<333 

what sets them apart from any other lens is that they are 15mm in diameter, which is HUGE! This really does give a doe-eyed look and gives you a serious baby-face.

^^comparison between a normal sized color contact, a 14.5mm circle lens and the cappuccino model

heres a video in natural light
you can see a noticeable difference in size in my eyes

I lovvve how comfortable they are too ;} I can easily wear them for 8+ hours. Geo seriously stepped up on comfort

I would recommend these for surreee!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

starting all over again....

deleted my old blog because i wasnt posting (excuses: work,work,work, personal crap,work... oh and not having a camera! FML)

basically i will be sharing beauty tips n tricks and the occassional style posts, maybe some random shennanigans. I love gyaru fashion and makeup so be prepared to see a lot of that ha!

im from orange county and i love makeup, art, fashion, and little holeinthewall restaurants.... yep

will be posting some reviews asap so follow me n stay tuned ;}